• Services

  • Networking

    • Network Installation – Structured cabling, Server cabinets, Equipment installation, Wi-Fi Hotspots
    • Network Configurations – Routers, Switches, Firewalls
    • Network Design – Existing Business, Relocations or Start-ups
    • Network troubleshooting – From a small gremlin to a full on outage
  • Cloud Systems and Integrations

    No longer a buzzword, ‘Cloud’ services are revolutionising business IT systems. If you have any old or outdated system there is probably are more efficient system based in the cloud, but what is it and how can it be implemented/migrated too.

    This is a question we get asked a lot! From SME to Enterprise, Cloud services are being adopted at an astonishing rate. The right system can change the way businesses interact, offering budget-friendly ways to simplify infrastructure.   A great example of this is moving your old accounting package such as Sage into a modern cloud based alternative such as Kashflow; we can help all the way through this process. 

    With so many disconjointed business systems in operation joining them together can be a nightmare, from manual data entry to csv export/import.  If your business spends more time manipulating data then why not see if there is a better way of doing it. 

  • IT Consulting

    Whatever the requirement speaking to a professional is definitely recommended so that you take the best approach and avoid any business I.T. pitfalls. There is the option of speaking to a supplier of a specific system but they only want to sell you their product without thinking of the overall business impact.  We can offer you advise in a vast range of different systems and act more like an I.T. Manager.

  • Ecommerce Websites

    As a business you will be bombarded with quotes and offers to build your website and the choice is endless but how do you know which is best, or indeed what you need.  With many free opensource systems available for specific sectors picking one then customising it for you is the best approach. These systems come with a host of extension/modules that when implemented correctly can provide everything you need without spending thousands developing something from scratch.  As a local company we can conduct a site visit to see what you do and then recommend a system that fully integrates with your business in the most cost effective manner ; this is the winning approach to ecommerce success

    • Courier Integrations – Automatically ship your products
    • Payment Gateways – Easily accept credit cards
    • Products – Product inventories to Product customisations almost anything is possible.
    • Multiple Sales Channels – Expand your products onto ebay and Amazon automatically from your website with one inventory to manage
    • Finance Integration – Link your sales, customers and products into your accounts package
    • Responsive - Create modern looking responsive (small to large screen) sites
    • SEO – There no point having a site that isn’t listed on the search engines, although we are not a digital marketing agency we can build SEO friendly site and recommend the next steps to be at the top!
    • Reporting – Monitor and report on any metric
  • CRMs

    Are you still using postit notes or Outlook to manage your customers details?  then you may like to consider using a more effective CRM system, this will keep you ahead of the competition and allow you to manage your customer base and company data more efficiently.   We can help select the best system and get it setup and running in no time allowing you more time to do what you do best.  

  • VOIP Systems

    As more and more companies migrate to VOIP systems it is important to know the best system for you or have support for your existing system.  If your current supplier is only interested in their specific part and there is an issue somewhere else how do you fix it.
    Give us a call, we can not only look at your full existing system but can also recommend and implement a new one tailored to your needs.

  • Email

    As a small business you may be using POP or have an Exchange server that requires much maintenance. Why not bring your business email system into the cloud, we can help with that.

  • Security

    From company wide antivirus to firewalls and online security we can recommend and implement the best practices for you. All businesses are different but following some simple steps can reduce attacks or prevent problems from occurring.

  • Hardware

    Have a problem with your old hardware (computers, laptops, phones, servers, networking, alarms, CCTV) then we can help.

  • Maintenance

    Over the phone, screen sharing or site visit, whatever you need whenever you need 

  • Help support

    Local I.T. professional with friendly no nonsense approach